by Social Void

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released February 13, 2017


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Social Void Charleston, South Carolina

Social Void is a pensive rock band based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Their first studio album, Propeller, was released in 2017. The group is set to release their second album in spring 2019.


Chip, Brent, Quell, Eli, Josh
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Track Name: Shovel to the Root
in a convalescent vacancy
and you, you're dissolute
removed from such elusive worth

i'm divorcing you from me
swinging spade-tip
where the wood splits near the earth

you don't have to hide
at a painful distance
i can't move for these roots

the world reduced to kicking rocks
in deep soliloquies
in a forest without leaves

you don't have to run in fear
i can't breathe
they're choking me

our arrogance like chains
at lengths to let me drop
beneath your weight
between your arms
a vacancy
Track Name: The Idiot
every chemical bound in visceral restraint
turning knobs and going off
i run my hands along the wall
every syllable like braille
every consonant, it breaks the skin
beneath my nails

building like an animal
building like an animal
infected little mind

the mouthing off from our ticking clocks
push the awkward pause
the start and stop, the start and...

how do you hold it all in your hands
without closing them? without closing them?
how do you hold it all in your hands?
in your hands? in your hands?

building like an idiot
building like an idiot
turning knobs and going off
Track Name: Limbless
i pick the locks in every room
but i find myself in the places you've approved
where i give my arms for better hands
but you give me nothing to hold onto, yeah

in here, we are responsible but only outside, we're getting mean
your new heart's unfaithful and capable of anything

somehow we all can deny
that we're fit for a padded room
and the sweetest of our thoughts are quick
so the awful ones don't get through
somehow we feed our expressions like we're moved
but we only let on when we're jumping from the roof

in here we are civilized and only outside, we're getting mean
your new heart's unfaithful and capable of turning...
in here we are

in here we are responsible and on the outside, it's obscene
my new heart's unstoppable but my blood's not listening
in here we are

in here we are the writers but we only write screenplays
and in here we are the dancers but our legs got in the way
Track Name: In Low Light
you blur, the dim loses something
we were and then we were nothing

this is not a place
this is not a path to change our fate
i am loudest in my cage

when it tears off our limbs
we lose the feeling
well, you can build your walls
and my ceiling

'cause this is not a plea
and it doesn't glorify our history
and it won't leave
i am bound because you're free

it means nothing

you blur, the dim loses something
we were and then there was nothing
Track Name: Speak, Eat, Lead
nobody cares enough
if you sleep at all, ever again
nobody sees enough
when you're posed and unimposing

how can you stand to be known
to be known for too long, for too long
without end?

and i hit the wall hard
enough to make noise
but you're faster
i watch it when i can

how can you stand to be on
to be on for too long, for too long?
how can you stand to keep on
to keep on when the world wears out
and it's bigger than you can imagine?

i want to get lost in a hotel skyline
steal some air from that height
away from anyone, from anyone

'cause the louder i feel, the less i move
and i can sit here if it's all i do, yeah
for too long, for too long, for too long
Track Name: (Give to the Departed) Eternal Rest
peace, resound, you've thrown me out
take comfort in our photographs
take anything you need
and dry my eyes and trace your steps
back to every perfect place we meet

tell me this has got to end
and the trouble is, i see you in your chair
and something's going to change
believe for what i cannot see
and now it's time to know
Track Name: Interlude
play on for easy kills in your kickback
in your arcade of weak wills
where you've scratched at the names we've built
like one is policeman, another is guilt

and i can't wait 'til we have holes in our heads
and we play pinball
where every now and then
something gets said if it slips out
if it's heavy

where the food breaks the plates that we put out
and everything's fake like the monsters you read about
it's like we're all the same age for now

so lay down your bulletproof vest
we'll pick up our arms
and plant one right in the chest

and i can't wait 'til our bodies collapse
and the papers print histories
where it's all up for grabs
where no one is enemies
and i'm brave
and your hands are clean
Track Name: Passing Out
with your big mouth and teeth
you've mowed down the trees
we're going to swallow the lake if you leave

yeah well, if we look the same
it's 'cause we're both in chains
from our act under glass, insane

so please, if something starts to happen
fill your lungs and try to breathe
you're too close, if something's going to happen
to this world, then...

so what the hell do we do now
with our co2 and the hollow ground?
'cause my hands can't hold it all
in our atrophy, with these extra pounds

so please, if something starts to happen
fill your lungs and try to breathe
you're too late, if something's going to happen
to me

if we are not the strength
that tore the earth and filled the lake
if we are not the strength
then, this is it, then, this is it
Track Name: How to Keep from Turning Back
designed weight
we keep from floating off
well past the marks
pull the cords across
and sink in what we all forgot
in what we all forgot

you're fooling yourself

i've struggled to see
what a future would say
that we were better off
some other place?
that we were better people?
or better fakes?

you're fooling yourself

drag the lake
so i can breathe, so i can breathe

you're not coming back
and that's the way i want it
this is what we wanted

you're fooling yourself
Track Name: King Nine Will Not Return
it's just you and the dark for filling up your arms
with pictures out of magazines
you've cut out all the shapes, you've put them all away
now i'm the heir to history

and that's not fair, it talks like you
it used your words, it wears your clothes
and it won't leave
it won't leave

i found a new way for filling out the space
with shadows out of bad dreams
it pulled me from the leaves and with a weighted head
i found a trick for vanishing

and i waited there, i talked like me
i used the same words, i wore these clothes
and we're not going back

oh, the things that won't return

we're not making history to walk out on the plans
a thousand miles in reverie to kill you where you stand

it all disappears
it all disappears

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